Small To Medium Sized Addressable Systems

For small to medium sized applications, we offer systems that address diverse needs. Our expertise and experience have allowed us to develop specific solutions for each segment of the market, with market leading functionality for systems of this size.

Our systems are known for their reliability and robustness. This is due to advanced features such as drift compensation, alarm verification, self-testing and autonomy functionality enabling robust fire risk management. Our systems are intuitive and easy to use, designed with the users in mind no matter whether you are an installer, commissioning engineer, building manager or maintenance provider. Our systems are designed to enable people in charge to respond in a timely and effective way, with onboard connectivity bringing integration possibilities which enable remote diagnostics, maintenance and programming.

We offer a wide range of addressable fire detection and alarm systems from the industry-leading Kidde Commercial product brand. This brand represents quality, reliability and flexibility with long-established credentials and expertise in the design, manufacture and distribution of fire detection equipment.

 We offer solutions across all industries for small to medium-sized applications, delivering optimum cost of ownership through the life cycle of the system. In addition, we’ve designed out-of-the-box systems that  provide protection for extended periods without power, including over a weekend.